Annual Thanksgiving Luncheon:

Thanksgiving is traditional a time to reflect on all the Blessings that God has given to us over the past year. Throughout scripture God demonstrates His goodness to us and He requests a heart of thanksgiving for what He provides for us.

This luncheon that we have each year at this time, is a time for us to express our thanks to the parents of our students but more than that it is a time where teachers, staff, parents, grandparents, students and our little children can come together and express our overall thanks to God for bringing us together as a school and daycare to serve these families in our community.  The Thanksgiving Luncheon is a concentrated effort of the LBCSD leadership, staff, teachers, students, and little children.  It’s an opportunity for pastor to connect with parents, parents to meet parents, church volunteers to interact with parents, affording a great big fellowship over a Thanksgiving feast. This event is an opportunity for our parents to meet our Pastor and have Him share from his heart our passion through this ministry.  This passion is to first love God, then, to love one another and finally, to introduce our families to the God that loves them.  Ms. Rachel Matthews, our Music Instructor, along with the students provided a melody of the children’s favorite songs, and we raffled gifts for the students and parents and they even had an opportunity to vote for their favorite “Turkey Art” that was done by each class.

The luncheon as always was a great success and everyone that came and was a part of it felt that God moved through the event and brought us more together as a ministry to our community.


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