Veteran’s Day Ceremony

Liberty Baptist Christian School and Daycare’s Veteran’s Day Ceremony Blog:

This past Veteran’s Day, November 19, 2015, our school had an assembly which many of our students will not forget.   Our school and church were recipients of brand new National, State and Christian Flags from an organization name WoodmenLife.  We provided a program, which included our students from the Threes through Second grade.  The program consisted of  prayer by Mrs. Matthews, our  pastor, Mark Reon spoke of the significance of the ceremony, and they sang the Star-Spangled Banner as the flags were raised after which they said the pledges to the flags and the Bible.  This program afforded the teachers an opportunity to share about the reason we celebrate a day honoring our veterans, the meaning, and symbolism of each of the flags. 

This ceremony was similar to ceremonies that occur around the World such as “See You at the Pole” day which is held each school year in mid September.   Below is some background on the WoodmenLife organization that donated our Flags.

WoodmenLife (formerly Woodmen of the World).  WoodmenLife celebrates patriotism by  presenting American and religious flags to organizations around the country. They have a program which has donated more than 2 million American flags and non-profit and community organizations.  They also present American Patriot’s Handbooks to schools, libraries and newly naturalized citizens.

Our special thanks to the WoodmenLife organization, our church leadership, parents, teachers and students who attended and the church members who made the initial contacts to the organization to obtain the flags.



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