Before and After Care for School Age Children

Before and After School Care

Our school-age before care teacher is Ms. Rachael Matthews and our after care teacher is Mrs. Lois Cummins; they are both very excited about working with your children this school year.

We will have a weekly bible verse and when time permits the school age program teachers will be doing different activities throughout the month to reinforce the bible verse. We recognize the importance of homework and that will be the primary focus of the after care program. But when homework is done gym, outdoor play, and games will be introduced. We will also have short object lessons twice a month to reinforce biblical principles and help the children to cope with everyday situations that they may be facing.


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We will be offering our services for early dismissal days and for drop in days when Suffolk Public Schools are closed the costs are as follows:

If your child is already enrolled in before/aftercare early dismissal days will be an additional $9.00 and drop in days will be an additional $17.00. If your child is not enrolled in our before/aftercare program it will be $17.00 for early dismissal days and $25.00 for drop in days.

Serving Hillpoint Elementary, Oakland Elementary, and Elephants Fork Elementary School in Suffolk Virginia.