Four Year Old Program


Our fours have reached many areas of development which includes, but not limited to painting and drawing with detail. A Beka K-4 is a very exciting class with our little ones demonstrating varied knowledge and abilities. Each year we begin with playing games, i. e., “Eye Spy”, “Simon Says” to review and teach colors, shapes and good manners( by taking turns and following directions). Bible stories are presented daily, and review a Bible verse weekly. Though Bible verse memory is encouraged, emphases are placed on its understanding and application.

Some of our academic goals include review of phonic sounds (short and long sounds) and blends. Reading words with short and long vowel sounds; counting by 1’s to 100;mastery in holding crayons and pencils, understand rhyming and assist with writing poems. Our fours write their first and last names. To encourage the children to understand about change, we learn about the life cycle of frogs and butterflies.


classroom 18                    classroom 8


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