Infants Program


Our infants’ age range from six weeks to twelve months.  During this time of their development they are making themselves known to the new world around them.  Here at Liberty Baptist Christian School and Daycare we focus on the normal changing and feeding schedules and the changes are recorded.  During these schedules they are entertained with the humming of songs or hearing the words of prayer. This is accomplished every two hours.  Their schedule includes belly time, and if they are showing signs of beginning to walk they help themselves to “walkers,” which enhance this developmental skill.  The little ones also enjoy different kinds of music that sails them through their day. We provide “Cuddlegrams” which gives information about activities each day.


DayCare room 1


2 thoughts on “Infants Program

  1. Hello I’m interested in working. I have been a preschool teacher for two through four. I have a 19 month old would he be able to attend


  2. Trying to find a day care to take my newborn son so I can return to work after being on maternity leave and healing from an emergency C-Section. I can not afford to take him to a day care where it costs money or pay to have some watch him. My husband works days so it’s hard and he is the only one bringing in income so it’s hard…


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