Music Resource Class


We have learned that the enjoyment for music began with the Lord as the morning stars and all the angels (sons of God) shouted for joy. (Job 38:7) Music is a natural connection tool. It is a fun way to fill and connect educational gaps not addressed in the classroom. It targets social, emotional, physical, and brain developments in our students. It also helps children orient to rhythm and coordination because children naturally want to move when they hear music. Finally, it assists with brain development by engaging speech, language, and creativity.

Our students meet once a week each week. Not only do they hear the music and learn songs, they move to it and use scarves, streamers, instruments etc. to enjoy this time. Our older students enjoy these moments but also learn about musicians and the orchestra family. And to reinforce what they learn, they attend symphony presentation by the Virginia Symphony.

                                   Image result for elementary students music photos


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