Second Grade Program

Second Grade

Second grade at our school is loads of fun. The A Beka curriculum includes the following:

Math: Multiplication facts 1-10, addition and subtraction, mixed fractions, measurement, borrowing and carrying of two and three-digit numbers, Roman numerals, money and measurement.  Phonics: Suffixes, prefixes, contractions, special sounds, compound words among other subjects.  Penmanship: Cursive writing is taught with perfection of the alphabets.  Science: The human body, plant and animal life from camouflage to the special attributes given to animals and plants by God.  History: Early American life from colonial days to the pioneers.  Native Americans and their influence across America.

Reading: A Beka readers and chapter books are used

Special Projects include writing a letter to the President. We received correspondence back from the White House. During the Thanksgiving season there were displays about the Native Americans. Other projects included field trips to the Virginia Living Museum, a Virginia Symphony presentation, and a real life farm and pumpkin patch. Also our students were challenged to write about their favorite animal and their information was placed on display.


classroom 7                     classroom 12 classroom 17                    classroom 6


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