Testimonials from Parents


“We appreciate Liberty Baptist Day Care’s time, dedication, understanding, patience, and love as we have come along way since September 2010. The staff will also be missed as they too showed us so much love and care for Aaminah. Thank you so much for a wonderful year and [we] wish LBPD much success and many blessings!! ”

  – Michael and Lakashia Eley


“I want you to know that Liberty Day Care is like my second family! My journey started with [our son] Tyler at 2 1/2 and finished with Natalie who loves the Lord with all her heart because of all of you who worked with her, giving guidance and wisdom. I love each and every one of you so much, and I will miss this wonderful place filled with the love of the Lord so completely.”

– Jason and Kathryn Foster


“Liberty Baptist Christian School is hands down, one of the best schools in the entire Suffolk of Hampton Roads area.  The teachers & staff genuinely care in the health & prosperity of their young children & students.  I have had 3 children placed here over 3 years & have had personal experience with every teacher in the program.  The newborn staff is dedicated to the loving & nurture of the babies.  The 2’s & 3’s nurture & encourage them to learn all of their colors & letters & even aid in potty-training & by the time they leave the pre-K program the children are reading.  Mrs. Thompkins led my 4 yr. old through the pre-K program & when I went to enroll her into a Virginia Beach Kindergarten she tested at the top of her class with the possibility of being able to skip a grade.  If you are looking for a way to keep your kids a head of the game & know they will be cared for & loved then enroll them in Liberty.  You will never regret it.” 

– Jennifer Bachman