Three Year Old Program


Lesson for our threes’ class time begins with pledges to our American Flag, Christian Flag, and the Bible. We sing songs that the students pick out to sing and a Bible story is taught. Using the A Beka curriculum, a new letter and its sound are introduced with a review of two previous letters. Also a letter of the week card, language development cards pertaining to the letter of the week, and a worksheet are used. Sometimes they embellish letters with small objects, add props, do special activities, taste food items or watch a child video that relates to the letter to help with learning. This encourages mastery of the alphabets and the phonic sounds. We also use this curriculum to introduce the concept of numerals and numbers. For numbers we do some type of exercise up to the number for that day. These exercises include but not limited to jumping jacks, sit ups, arm rolls. For arts and crafts we use the Funshine Express curriculum. We have three-five crafts each week. Every month has a different theme, e. g., the theme for March was Dr Seuss. The children especially enjoy this part of the day.


classroom 16

classroom 4                                                                                               classroom 8

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